What is the Teacher’s Room? (Learn More Effectively!)

what is the teacher's room
what is the teacher’s room

What is the Teacher’s Room?– Ruang Guru is a platform for online learning that has many features. To support student learning and teaching activities outside of school by using Mobile Application media (Android & iOS).

teacher's room
teacher’s room

Is Teacher Room Effective?

By paying attention to the approaches and learning methods they apply, it can be said that they are very effective. The part that I like the most is how animation is able to provide more context and can streamline the communication process.

Not only that, after they explained the material through the video, Ruang Guru also gave a short quiz as a form of confirmation. That’s one of the key points missing from the confirmed online learning from Master.

Then, what is the difference with the videos on Youtube? Of course it is clear from the quality and how their videos are much more organized based on education level and learning materials. There is a time stamp menu that has been neatly arranged like a table of contents in a book. So it is very easy for students to find a topic they need in the video.

Main Impact of Teacher Room Videos

The biggest impact is how they can study at any time without getting bored reading textbooks. The behavior and potential of children are very different, some are able to read the text well and do not feel bored. Some rely more on their visual and auditory intelligence. In the classroom, students can listen directly to the teacher’s explanation.

However, the lectures given by the teacher are not necessarily well absorbed in just a few meetings. In addition, at home, everything is flattened to read. But herein lies the advantage of the Teacher’s Room, which is to fill the space that has been empty and uneven for students.

Disadvantages of the Teacher’s Room

  • Annoying Voice Assistance
  • The Interface Still Looks Crowded
  • The learning video only follows the KD from the curriculum
  • Too many pop-ups and promotional banners
  • No Discount

Advantages of the Teacher’s Room

  • Quality videos can replace teachers who are not at home
  • Learning is not boring
  • There is also a summary of material in the form of infographics
  • There is also a quiz after the video that helps children absorb material

The above is an explanation of the Teacher Room, the Weaknesses, and Strengths in it.