Features in Audiolab (It turns out that there are many features!)

audio lab features
audio lab features

Features of Audiolab – not far from its name, audiolab is an audio editor application that provides various tools. There are approximately 25 tools available in this one application. Audiolab is suitable for a beginner, because the tools and design of this audiolab application are simple and easy to understand.

This application is available for free and you can download it via Google Playstore. Audiolab is available on various mobile devices from android, IOS, and tablets. But unfortunately, this application is not yet available desktop version. This audio editor application was developed by Hitrolab and received a rating of 4.7 with the number of users reaching 10 million when viewed from the details listed on the google playstore.

Audiolab provides various features that you may really need when you are editing audio for various purposes. For example for cinematic, backsound art performances, mini vlogs and others. What are the features in Audiolab?

Features In Audiolab

features on audiolab
features on audiolab
  1. Audio Trimmer, This tool is used to trim audio. In this feature there are various types of trimming that you can choose, namely trim, delete, silence, and fade.
  2. Audio Mix, This tool is used to mix or mix multiple audio.
  3. Merge Audio, This tool is almost as useful as the previous tool, which is to combine several audios.
  4. Convert Audio, audiolab provides an audio conversion feature, the way it works is when you upload audio in mp3 format then you can convert it into another format. The available formats are MP3, WAV, AAC, MP4, FLAC, OGG, and OPUS.
  5. Record Audio, a feature that is used to record sound with a choice of source, sample rate, channel, choice of audio format and with advanced options such as automatic gain, noise suppressor, skip silence according to your needs.
  6. Split Audio, This one tool is used to split audio into two parts, maybe almost the same as mix and combine audio, but has a different function.
  7. reverse, this feature is used to reverse audio.
  8. audio changer, used to modify your voice or audio with several available effects. You can also edit it manually.
  9. text to speech, used to convert text to speech using the built-in converter of the cellphone.
  10. speech to text, the way it works is like the previous tools, only this feature converts sound into text.

The advantage of this audiolab is that it provides many features, as well as easy-to-understand previews and also you can edit it with any audio format, when the format is not supported this application automatically converts to a supported format. So first of all the information that we can convey, hopefully it will be useful and thank you for stopping by this article, thank you.