What is Artstation? ( Designers Platform? )


What is Artstation? – As the name implies, artstation is an art showcase software. This application is generally used to showcase personal works online. Not only that, this software provides services to publish portfolios, graphic designs, character designs, illustrations, 3D images and others. For those of you who like to create 2d or 3d artwork, this application is the right option for you to try.

Sites like artstation are not only useful for showing off your portfolio. But you can also look for inspiration, ask for opinions on your work, as a reference, find friends, add experience and much more. This application can also be used as a money maker, how can it be like that?. Of course you can, in this application you can sell your work, or perform a service by accepting requests from other users.

The work in this application is in the form of images, graphic designs and others. In it you will more often find portfolios related to visual design for games and films, for example, character designs, artistic concept illustrations, 3D images and others. In addition, you can also sell various digital artistic products on the marketplace menu that has been provided.

What’s in ArtStation?

What is Artstation
What is Artstation
  1. learning, artstation provides a lerning page in which there are tutorials for making various kinds of works. Such as 3d character design tutorials using blender, and many others.
  2. marketplace, as explained earlier, art station can be used as a marketplace platform. Where you can sell your work here.
  3. prints, On this page you will also find various images for sale. You can search for your work using keywords in the search field provided. When you first open this page, you will see trending prints.
  4. Schools, studios, jobs, actually 3 different menus but have the same function. on these three pages is a search page for school, studio or job directories. Artstation will display results that match your search.
  5. blogs, contains blogs that have been uploaded on this platform.
  6. magazines, This page contains views such as a web portal, namely news displays, a collection of tricks and tips, the latest updates, work inspiration, information about careers and others.
  7. challenges, contains a challenge page, of course with a theme that has been provided. There is not only one theme, but several.
  8. guides, contains information – information or guide about artstation. The information and guidelines provided here were obtained from the artstation team who asked the artists directly, as well as collecting data and information which were then put together and packaged into guides.

That’s all the information we provide about the art station, hopefully the information we provide is useful. Please leave a question in the comments column if you feel there is something you want to ask.