What is Microsoft Teams?

one team
one team

What is Microsoft Teams? – Have you heard of Microsoft Teams? If not, then take a look at the discussion that we present in this article to the end. Microsoft does provide various services, but the ones that are familiar to our ears and the most widely used by users are Ms Word, MS Excel, and MS PowerPoint. However, other services such as Microsoft OneDrive, Microsoft OneNote, Microsoft Teams are still rarely known.

microsoft teams
microsoft teams

Now at this meeting we will discuss about Microsoft Teams. Microsoft Teams is a product or application from Microsoft that allows users to do one work in groups on one platform. In Microsoft Teams, you and your team members can access files directly from one place, conduct meetings, performances, and use various other features. In addition, there are many other functions, including:

Microsoft Teams Functions

The functions of Microsoft Teams are as follows:

  1. Build effective and instant communication in teamwork
  2. Conduct online meetings or virtual meetings
  3. Makes it easy to share documents or files when working as a team
  4. Make it easy to collaborate with colleagues anywhere and anytime virtually
  5. Makes it easier for you to use various tools already integrated
  6. Makes it easier for you to be able to work on one document together with teammates.

For those of you who work in a company that works together as a team, then using the Microsoft Teams service is the best option to choose. Because in addition to providing quite a lot of functions, Microsoft Teams also has the following features:

Microsoft Teams Features

  1. Unlimited chat and chat rooms.
  2. Able to communicate with small teams and large teams, by reaching a limit of up to 500,000 participants.
  3. Online meeting or conference.
  4. File storage or file storage is large enough.
  5. Direct collaboration with other Microsoft Office service applications (word, excel, powerpoint, etc.).
  6. Share screens.
  7. Access for parties outside the company.
  8. Guaranteed data security.
  9. Connect with many integrated applications.

That’s the explanation we can give about Microsoft Teams and its functions and features. Hopefully the information we provide is useful, leave a question in the comments column if you still don’t understand.