What is Microsoft OneNote? (Let’s Listen)

what is onenote
what is onenote

What is Microsoft OneNote?-For those of you who are Microsoft office users, you must be familiar with Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. Then do you know What is Microsoft OneNote?.

What is Microsoft OneNote?

microsoft onenote
microsoft onenote

Microsoft OneNote is an office application that works for notepads where you can write, draw, enter an object, and share it with your coworkers. Unlike Microsoft Word, in OneNote you can write and put whatever you like. Almost the same as you when doodling on paper in OneNote you can also put note elements.

You can find OneNote for free, because generally OneNote is part of the Microsoft Office package. Like this OneNote notebook, it also has many benefits, which are as follows:

  • Writing To do List
  • Can record ideas
  • Create a project plan
  • write a recipe
  • Record shopping list
  • Comment on a design
  • etc..

Then the features contained in Microsoft OneNote are also quite a lot, I will explain some of these features:

  1. Organize, Microsoft OneNote also allows you to create digital notes that feel like real books. This feature not only makes the note-taking experience enjoyable but also neater and more structured.
  2. tags, There are various kinds of tags that are used to prioritize the contents of a note. Like, make to-do-list, add something to be emailed, and much more. Tags This shows the notes made that depict anything can be considered as a symbol.
  3. ink, this feature allows to draw very freely, be it using fingers or stylus.
  4. Mix Media, in this feature you can enter photos or videos and you can even include audio. You just need to click the button mic then OneNote will automatically transcribe your voice into written form.
  5. share, This feature can share your notebook with friends or family, even your co-workers.

From the article above, it can be concluded that Microsoft OneNote is a digital notebook.