What is JavaScript? (Let’s Learn More)

what is javascript
what is javascript

What is JavaScript?-In web developers generally use JavaScript along with HTML and CSS, all three work together without problems. Javascript is an HTML programming language that functions to compose a website structure, and CSS is used to design and arrange layouts on web pages.

Javascript is generally used on the web, mobile applications, and also game development so that it has become one of the most popular. Well, in this article I will explain What Is Mean JavaScript?.

What is JavaScript?

js object
js object

JavaScript is a programming script used to create more dynamic interactions on web pages, applications, servers, or games. JavaScript is also a programming language used to create dynamic content. You can create dynamic elements that are used for user interaction, such as drop-down menus or animated graphics.

JavaScript continues to evolve with the new browser i.e. Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. In fact, the modern JavaScript engine is currently being developed, namely V8 which is responsible for compiling bytecode into native machine code.

Some of the functions of JavaScript are:

  1. Efficient Web and Mobile Application Development
  2. Building a Web Server and Application Server
  3. Creating an interactive website
  4. Ease in Game development

What is the difference between Java and JavaScript?

The difference between Java and JavaScript is that Java is a form of a programming language, while JavaScript is a script of programming. Now, Scripting language included in the programming language, however, is used to manipulate what is already in the system. While programming languages ​​are usually used to create a program from scratch.

Then Java is used to create an application on the device or browser, while JavaSCript is generally used in HTML documents. Plugins used to use Java and JavaScript are different.

Pros and Cons of JavaScript

First I will tell the advantages of JavaScript:

  • Can Make Simple Structures
  • Faster execution
  • Quite versatile function
  • Popular and widely Used
  • Can Reduce the load on the server
  • Always updated and developed

then the disadvantages of JavaScript are:

  • Sometimes have compatibility issues
  • The security is not maintained
  • Inefficient debugging

Hope this article helped you to understand about JavaScript, and know some of the advantages and disadvantages of Javascript.