What is FTP?

What is FTP? File Transfer Protocol or what you can call FTP it is an internet that runs in the application layer which is the standard for sending computer files between machines in an inter-network. Developed directly by Abhay Bhushan in the 1970s. While working on the ARPAnet project.

However FTP this remains a type of service that is often used by internet users, especially to download software or things that are not interested. FTP is also one of the early protocols developed and is still used today to download files on a computer.

Advantages of FTP

  1. FTP can make it easier to upload data.
  2. FTP can transfer data.
  3. FTP is also available online and the facility is to upload data to the server in large quantities so not one by one.
  4. FTP can serve the exchange of files online.
  5. FTP is the most recent version as well and comes with a set of audit programs and account handlers.


Disadvantages of FTP

  1. FTP is an insecure way of transferring a file because the file is sent without encryption first but through clear text.
  2. Security and ease of use often clash with system administrators.
  3. This FTP design is also still weak, resulting in not being informed to system administrators about the risks they can face.

Types FTP there are two, namely FTP Users, which can be accessed and have permissions that are limited only to certain users and the second is FTP Anonymous. Provided anonymously without a name in other words FTP which anyone will access. There are also various ways to access FTP, namely via an FTP client or a web browser. And also this FTP can also be used for FileZilla.

Software used FTP are WU-FTPD, VSFTPD, FTPD and also PROFTPD. The main function of FRP is to download and upload files or to the server. Well, so a little explanation about What is FTP?. If you find there are sentences or slight errors in typing, please forgive me. Thanks.

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