What is Brave?

What is Brave? Brave is a free and open source Chromium-based web browser developed by Brave Software Inc. Brave is also a privacy-focused browser that is different from other browsers. That is by blocking online ads and website trackers by default. Released stable January 20, 2022.

Advantages of Brave

  1. Away from the big tech, services and products of the internet giants that continue to dominate the web.
  2. Respecting privacy, your activity can also be tracked to make it easier for you when using it.
  3. Open source, Fully open source browser.
  4. Defeating censorship, The resources you access are usually stored in a central storage location.
  5. Tracked blocking, where you can use this feature at the time of tracking by selecting the tracker you want to block.

In November 2020 Brave was reported to have 20 million monthly active users. And crossed the 25 million monthly active user mark in February 2021. Users can submit their contributions in various websites and content creation and also save the tokens they earn.


Features of Brave

  1. Brave Firewall + VPNA web-based system for IOS.
  2. Brave Searcha search engine developed by brave and released in Beta form.
  3. PrivacyAll data that is stored privately without involving outsiders to third persons.
  4. Brave ShieldsThe blocking feature is on by default.
  5. Brave Talka web browser-based video conferencing tool that focuses solely on privacy.
  6. Brave RewardsAllows users to earn BAT as compensation for viewing advertisements.

Brave also very safe if you use it. And you can also install it for free on your respective smartphone applications. And there are interesting features that you can try yourself. Brave This is one of the browsers offered by Google. Because other alternative tools are available when using this Brave application.

Well, that’s a brief explanation of What is Brave?. If you find a sentence or there are errors in typing that we present to you, please forgive me. Because everyone is not free from mistakes. Thanks.

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