What is Snapseed? (It turns out that there are many features!)

What is Snapseed
What is Snapseed

What is Snapseed? – Maybe some of you already know what snapseed is. Snapseed is not a social media app like snapchat, but a photo editor app. Snapseed is a free photo editor app that will make your photos perfect. This application is the best-selling photo editing platform and the most widely used by people when viewed from the number of downloads in the play store. Snapseed produces cool and cool photos, no wonder this application has more than 100 million users.

Initially this application was developed by Nik software, but at this time it has been developed and belongs to Google. How to use this photo editor application is very easy, the advantages are many, all features are available, the drawback is only the text feature. The snapseed application does not provide hsl, but in it there are many features that make your photos worthy of uploading on social media later. What are its features? take a look at this information or explanation

What are the features on Snapseed?

snapseed features
snapseed features

Its features are as follows:

  1. curve, This tool is used to adjust the lighting.
  2. perspective, used to adjust the perspective / angle of your photo.
  3. Paintbrush, This feature is used to adjust the dark, light, temperature, and saturation manually using a brush. So this feature is suitable for those of you who want to edit photo lighting but only in some parts.
  4. healing, This feature is used to delete the parts you don’t want. For example, there is trash in the background of your photo, then you can use this feature to delete the trash.
  5. Filter, This feature is found in several tools, namely drama tools, glamor glow, noir, speckled film, vintage, retrolux and others.
  6. selective, this tool is almost the same function as the brush feature, the way it works is also the same. But in this section only to adjust the lighting only.
  7. Text, In this feature you will be provided with a typograph template, of course, it will give an interesting element to your photo.

So that’s a brief introduction about the snapseed application along with its features, hopefully the information we provide is useful, thank you..