What is LibreOffice?

What is LibreOffice? – LibreOffice is a free and open source office suite developed by The Document Foundation. Name LibreOffice taken from the word Libre and Office. They use the C++, Java and Python programming languages. And they also use a type of office application package.

First released on January 25, 2011, exactly 11 years ago. The original designer was StarDivision. And it has been developed by The Document Foundation. New contributions are dual-licensed under MPLv2.0. The OpenDocument file format is now supported by all packages.

Components of LibreOffice

  • Writer, To write and process words with functions that are almost the same as Microsoft Word.
  • Calc, Functions as a worksheet that is very similar to Excel in Microsoft Office.
  • Impress, An application for presentations that can be exported as SWF files.
  • Draw, Function to create vector graphics
  • Math, Functions to edit and create mathematical formulas using XML variants
  • Base, One component that is almost the same as Microsoft Access as a database.

Advantages of LibreOffice

  1. This software is not paid or free.
  2. Has features and functions that are almost the same as Microsoft Office.
  3. Fonts are more diverse and numerous.
  4. The bar and complex menu is also efficient.
  5. Supports 32 and 64 bits.
  6. Can open documents in Microsoft Office.
  7. And many more.

If you want to download this application for free without any additional costs at all. And documents that are compatible with other office applications. Actually they also develop from that application with Open Office type. Maybe there are still many who are still not familiar with this application further.


The features there are very superior, one of which is being able to save and open documents in ODF format, Export documents using ODF into flat XML, Can save documents using PDF format, Add comments and annotations to documents, Remote Control applications for presentations.

Well, that’s just a brief explanation of What is LibreOffice. If there is a typing error or there is a wrong sentence, please forgive me. Because everyone is not free from mistakes. Thank you

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