What is NUJEK?

What is NUJEK? NUJEK is an application that provides online transportation services, delivery of goods, ordering food and beverages and daily necessities such as secondary, primary and tertiary. And it turns out that this application has been spread around 20 cities in East Java.

This application also has a driver partner of about 100,000 customers. And NUJEK This has also been widely used because it is very easy and practical to use. Here you can also order using a bicycle or car when you use it.

NUJEK advantages:

  • The rates you get are very affordable.
  • Can subscribe with Driver subscription if you want.
  • Can choose male or female drivers.
  • This application is also very light.

NUJEK This is also an application that makes it easy if we travel far or there is no one to guide us, we can order through the NUJEK Application quickly. And you can also send your package to your girlfriend or friend using the application NUJEK this.


And here there are also interesting promos around food, and rides if you want to have a look. Here you can also pay with cash or real money. Downloading this application is absolutely free on your respective play store.

NUJEK it was also recently launched around 2019 by NU Nahdlatul Ulama students. The big NU party also created an application called NUJEK. In order to develop online transportation needs.

To be able to maintain the name NUJEK, NUJEK is also still in tight competition with other green ojol, which may have been booming among teenagers. If you still don’t understand this NUJEK application.

Get funding officially from companies from South Korea. In the early stages they gave the model US$ 400,000. And the funds that have been entered will be used for NUJEK operational services in 15 cities where there are still no drivers NUJEK.

And this NUJEK driver also has tens of millions of members. A brief explanation of What is NUJEK?. if you find errors in typing that we present to you, please forgive. Thanks.

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