What is Ajax? (Come on, know AJAX in this article!!)

what is ajax
what is ajax

What is Ajax?-A website is not just about content. There are a number of things you must understand, what is Ajax?. Ajax is something that refers to a set of web development technicalities that allow web applications to work indirectly. So that you understand more about what Ajax is, let’s continue to look at the monologues one by one in this article.

Javascript is a coding language that is often used, one of its functions is to manage dynamic website content and enable dynamic interactions. Like HTML, XML or eXtensible Markup language i.e. another variant of markup language. If an HTML is designed to display data, then XML is used to load and carry data.

Be it JavaScript or XML they both work inside AJAX. As a result, web applications that use AJAX can send and receive data from the server without reloading the entire page.

js ajax
js ajax

AJAX Usage Example

The concept of Ajax has been around since the mid 90s. only, that version is not yet known as it is now. The new popularity rose when google set the concept on google email and maps in 2004. Until now, AJAX is still used in various wes applications to streamline the communication process of a server.

  1. Branch and voting systemafter you click on rating and voting the website will update the calculation but the page remains the same, nothing will be changed or have to be reloaded.
  2. chat rooms, use this chat room to communicate with the team. You don’t have to worry about this feature being closed if you want to open another page of the website.
  3. trending notifications on Twitter, Twitter is used by AJAX to announce the latest information or notifications. In plain language, Ajax makes work easy with multitasking.

The way AJAX works is neither a technology nor a programming language. In general, the AJAX system consists of: HTML/XHTML, DOM(Document Object Model), XML, XMLhttpRequest, JavaScript. To fully understand how AJAX works, you must at least have an understanding of the basic techniques first. Fortunately the general procedure on AJAX is not so difficult to understand.

And that’s the explanation of this article about what AJAX is.