What does Zenly mean? (Listen… )


What does Zenly mean? – Zenly is an application that allows us to search or monitor the location of your friends or girlfriends online. This application can be downloaded on their respective smartphones for free.

This Zenly also turns out to have been accessed by many but is more accessible to junior high school to high school / vocational school children. various crimes that often target their age. And this Zenly application can also be used on a PC.

Features of the Zenly Application

  1. We can chat using the feature with our online friends or exchange news with and can ask about conditions, then can send emojis/stickers, photos or voice messages.
  2. You can check the battery of each of your friends’ cellphones.
  3. Can find out the location or position of our friends, Can see the position of your friends or girlfriends where the Cafe, School or Home is.
  4. Can change the appearance of the map, with this feature you can change the map when you want to use it or want to change it to make it more interesting when used.
  5. Adding friends, you can add friends if they also download the Zenly application if not then you can see people’s followers to get more friends.
  6. Ghost mode is used so that our friends don’t know when they are being tracked. If you want to use this feature, you can use it so you don’t get caught if you want to track someone carefully.
  7. And can find out when our friends have slept or not.

Zenly was created in 2014 by Amplitude from France. But it’s a shame it has been bought by snapchat. This application is quite easy to use. You also have to be smart when using the Zenlu Application.

zenly app
zenly app

Almost all technology has been widely used online. All because since the pandemic period, it is rare for many to meet often. You can also unfriend this app if you don’t like it.

This app is free if you want to use it. So first a brief explanation that we can convey about What is Zenly?. If you feel there is a typo that you still don’t understand, please forgive me because everyone is not free from mistakes. Thanks.