What does Netbeans mean? (Come on, you guys learn!!)

what is netbeans
what is netbeans

What does Netbeans mean?-Netbeans is an IDE application based on Java from Sun Microsystems which runs on the swing. Swing is a technology used for the development of desktop applications that run on various platforms such as windows, linux, Mac OS X and also Solaris.

Netbeans is also an open project with a very large and wide range of users. Netbeans can also be used by programmers to write, find errors and distribute netbeans programs written in the Java programming language.

However, netbeans can also support other programming languages ​​and this program is also free to use to create professional desktop, web, enterprise, and a mobile application. And now even netbeans has 2 products, namely the Netbeans Platform and the Netbeans IDE.

The Netbeans platform is a reused framework to simplify desktop application development. And the netbeans platform can offer services common to desktop applications.

This Neatbeans has several features in it, here I will explain about the features that exist in Netbeans.


Features in Netbeans:

  1. Smart Code Completion: serves to propose the name of a variable of a type, and also proposes the type parameter of the method.
  2. Bookmarking: this feature is used to mark a line that someday you modify.
  3. Go To commands: this feature serves to jump to variable declarations, or files contained in the same project.
  4. Code generator: if we use this feature we can generate constructor, and others.
  5. Error stripe: this feature will mark the error line by highlighting red.

Then I will briefly discuss the history of netbeans. Netbeans started in 1996 as Java IDE student project under guidance Faculty of Mathematics and also Physics which is located in Charles University in Prague city. In 1997 Roman Stanek formed a company around the project then produced a commercial version of the Netbeans IDE so it was purchased by Sun Microsystems in 1999.

For more details, you can share on Google about the history of Netbeans. That’s my discussion about Netbeans.