What is Lazada? (Here’s a short explanation… )

lazada logo
lazada logo

What is Lazada? Lazada is an application for buying and selling household appliances, clothes and much more. Many have used this application easily. And it has been widely distributed among young people today, as well as mothers and fathers who also download the application Lazada this.

Released on 27 March 2012 in Singapore. The founder of Lazada is Rocket Internet. Its central location is in Southeast Asia. Lazada is also safe enough to shop online. And party Lazada The company has also provided services if anyone is buying and selling goods online / fraud can also be seen on the site.

If you want to download the Lazada application, you can for free through your respective play store or you can visit the website that we have shared. Lazada.co.id. And here there is also free shipping. If you buy your groceries with a minimum purchase of Rp. 90,000 you will get free shipping from this Lazada application.

If you want to buy a cellphone on Lazada this can too. By downloading the Lazada Center application and you can enter your respective account then it will automatically enter and you can buy the cellphone you want. Lazada also sells various kinds of baby equipment if you want to buy it at a low price there will be a discount.

There are also shops that you may not be able to visit in real life, which can be seen online by looking at Lazada easily.

Features in the Lazada Application

  1. Investors.
  2. Data Usage.
  3. Ordering Settings.

The advantage of Lazada is that the application has unexpected free shipping almost every day. There is also a product warranty, there are cheap features. The process of returning goods is easy without being complicated and there are many more advantages of this Lazada. Lazada is also very easy to use.


And Lazada There is also a COD feature that you may not understand if you buy an item. Then you will be listed there with the click COD method and you can automatically pay for the goods that have arrived at home. Each of you without having to go through Indomart or through a bank, maybe you are still a little hesitant when buying it.

This is an explanation of what Lazada is. If there is a wrong word or typing that we have explained there is a mistake, please forgive me because everyone is not free from mistakes. Thank you…