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What is Software?Software is a software that is usually programmed data or stored digitally with a specific function. You can operate it via your respective computer devices. Software This is also very functioning as a basic requirement of computer equipment.

There are several kinds of software functions that you may not know about: Software functions as a translator on other computers in machine language, Software has its own function is to manage hardware / hardware on a computer, you can also use software as a liaison for hardware on a computer.

Types of Software or Software

  1. Operating system. (Operating Systems)
  2. Programming language. (Programming Language)
  3. Application Program.

In addition to the several types of software above, there are also types of software according to distribution, one of which is:

  1. Firmware, is a read-only device. The operating system is linked by hardware.
  2. Freewareis an application provided for free by the developer.
  3. Adwareis a type of software that is obtained and used free of charge, It is unfortunate that using this type of software can display advertisements on your computer.
  4. Open Sourceis a device that can unlock the source code.
  5. Malwareis one of the software that is considered dangerous if it is used incorrectly.
  6. Sharewareis a device that is made specifically for certain purposes.
  7. Spywareis this one device to spy on activities when you use the computer.

Examples of software are also divided into 4, namely: Microsoft Office Word which functions to type or edit on a paper page, Microsoft Office PowerPoint functions to create presentations, Microsoft Excel functions to create table columns, Mozilla Office is useful for cross-platform web browsing freely with open sources.


Software specifications for computers are divided into 3, namely, operating systems for server machines, applications that support computer network application services, applications that manage network traffic. Every computer must have its own software to make it easier when doing your tasks.

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