What is Hardware?

What is Hardware?Hardware Components are components contained in each of your computers or laptops. Hardware is also physical equipment in which it is useful for processing, input, output.

According to experts, including Rainer, Hardware is a physical computer device such as a processor, monitor, keyboard and printer. Hardware also functions as receiving data or information and processing and displaying raw information into new information.

Hardware or Hardware Functions

In general, hardware functions are divided into 2, namely: Receiving Input which functions to receive input made by the user, and Managing Data/Information, which functions to process or process the input into a new one.

Examples of Hardware on Computers:

  1. Hardware Input Device: Keyboard, Mouse, Scanner.
  2. Hardware Process Device: CPU, VGA RAM.
  3. Hardware Output Device: Monitor, Printer, LCD Project.
  4. Hardware Storage Devices: Harddisk, Flashdisk, Optical Disk.
  5. Peripheral Hardware: Modems.

There are also several characteristics of the hardware, one of which is: Has a physical form, is generally hard, is located on the outside of the computer, Media liaison between the user and the software. Hardware is also a hardware device on a computer.


And there is also hardware on cellphones, not only on your respective computers or laptops. According to experts, namely James O’Brien, he also said that hardware is a physical device used in CPU, RAM, Monitor, Mouse, Keyboard, Printer and many more.

This hardware device has also been supported so that the computer can work properly. And can store files or information outside or inside the computer.

Types of Computer Hardware:

  1. CPU (Processor)
  2. HDD (Harddisk)
  3. CD/DVD (Optical Drive)
  4. VGA CARD (Graphic Card)
  5. Sound Card
  6. RAM (Random Access Memory)
  7. Foppy Disk.
  8. Mainboard or Motherboard.

Hardware is very supportive at the time of work that we do on our computers or laptops, respectively. So first a brief explanation about What is Hardware?. If you don’t understand, you can reread it. Thank you

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