Differences in C and C++ (Easy to Understand)

difference between C and C++
difference between C and C++

Difference between C and C++ languages – The difference between the C and C++ programming languages ​​is that these two are classified as high-level programming languages. C language developed by Dennis Richie in Phone Bell in 1972. And this language is a language derived from language B and derived from languages ​​before BCL.

C++ language developed by Bjane Stroustrupthe C++ language is a language that has Object Oriented Programming (OOP). To solve a C++ problem, always do the first step by defining the classes. The class has the capabilities of the object and its members. While the C language is a procedural programming language where when solving a problem, it will be divided into smaller sub-sub.

But if we don’t take advantage of the nature Object Oriented Programming (OOP) owned by the C++ language. Therefore, the C and C++ languages ​​will look relative to the writing of code and libraries that are taken. There are so many differences between these two languages, so let’s take a look at this article to find out what the differences are between the two languages.

5 Differences in C and C++

C and C++
C and C++

1.From the inventor and founder

The C language was developed by Bell Telephone Laboratories in 1972 and written by Dennis Richie, while the C++ language was invented by Bjane Stustrup at AT&T at Bell Telephone Laboratories in 1980.

2. In terms of Scope

C language can be said to be part of the C++ language, C++ is a superset of the C language. C++ can run most header/library files. While the C language cannot run header/library files.

3. In terms of procedures and functions on the data

C language is a procedural programming language, data, procedures, and functions are independent entities. While the C++ language is an object-oriented programming language, data, procedures, and functions are packaged into one in the form of an object.

4. Manipulating Data by External Code

If Language is C, variable data and its entities can be manipulated by external code. Then the C++ language can hide data and it can be ensured that data structures and operators are used as intended.

5. Functions and Operators Overloading

C language cannot support function and operator overloading, while C++ language can support function and operator overloading.

The above is some discussion of the differences between the two programming languages ​​C and C++.