What is Video?

What is Video? – This application has been widely distributed throughout Indonesia. Video Apps This can be used as an alternative tool instead of watching TV in your home. This video was published on October 15, 2014 founded by Adi Sariaatmadja 7 years ago. This application is very fun when viewed together.

Can be seen by our family, girlfriend or friends. Here you can watch TV from abroad to domestic. This application also has TV channels for children. You can also subscribe to see all the channels on Video the.

And can also upload videos so that everyone can see them, Or share videos with each other, this application can also. There are several channels so you can watch it for free without having to pay for it. If you want to subscribe, you can only pay Rp. 19,000 to Rp. 199,000.

This video application is very exciting because many have used it among young people.

Because it is very easy to use, many small children have also used it. You can watch Korean movies or what we usually call “Drama” you can watch it too. Or what men like, your soccer can also be seen there too.

And you can also comment when live or when not live too. Or you want to see your creator, you can also use this Video Application. And this video can be used on all Iphone and Android mobile phones.

This video application can be downloaded for free on the respective play store. The categories contained in this video are: Sinetron, Kids, Funny, Education, Travel, Gaming, Music, Gaming, Film, TV Series, health, and many more.

video account
video account

If you have trouble finding the content or video you want to see, you can “search” on the homepage available there. You can also download it on your laptop to make it easier to watch. You can visit this website to make it more practical when downloading https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.vidio.android&hl=en.

That’s all the explanation we can give you, Sorry if there are wrong words or typing that we explain to you because everyone is not free from mistakes.

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