What is Bstation? ( In brief… )

bstation logo
bstation logo

What is Bstation? – Application Bstation this is a streaming site that you can do while watching anime or watching other things. This Bstation has also been widely used as a means of viewing, watching anime films that everyone likes. Almost similar to the Youtube Application.

You can also download this application on the play store that you have on your respective cellphone. And here you can also see anime easily through the search sign. If you want to see the season, you can or want to download the film, friends.

It’s really easy to actually use this application easily. Bstation this comes from China released in 2009, as a forum for Indonesian content creators to live stream or watch the anime film.

In this application, Indonesian subtitles are also provided to make it easier to watch and understand the film better. And if you want to see anime films that you like, you must be supervised by parents, because there are so many that contain sexual elements or something like that. If you want to

Downloading the Bstation Application is required to confirm to parents for approval.

The content provided here for you is very complete, from the old or newly released anime already in the application. If you want to download this application, you must be over 13 years old, if you are under 13 years old, you are not allowed to register an account on the Bstation.


You can also download this Bstation Application on your respective PC, to make it more comfortable when watching the anime. Sometimes there are also pirated films. In this application there is a bilibili feature. What is meant is legal or illegal, we can see in this bilibili.

And before you see the film, you can choose to prepaid or want to watch it for free without being charged at all. The features in the Bstation also have HD or FHD video quality. And it turns out that you can watch your favorite anime without having to enter your account.

That’s all the information we can give you, sorry if there are wrong words or typing that we give to you. Good luck!