What are the Types of Programming Languages? (Web Programmer!!)

types of programming
types of programming

What are the Types of Programming Languages?– Web Programmer is one of the jobs that is much sought after by society today. With the possibility and level of salary that is quite high and flexible work makes many people that young people are interested in working in the IT field.

Well, if you want a career as a Web Programmer, you must understand programming languages, at least you must be able to master programming languages ​​that are often used. What is a Programming Language? A programming language is a set of instructions given by a computer to execute a command. Now, the need for a Web Programmer is getting higher, this is because almost all fields have shifted to digital technology.

To be a programmer is certainly not an easy thing, there are lots of programming languages ​​that you must master well. Here you see some programming languages ​​that you must master to become a Web Programmer!.

What are the Types of Programming Languages?


The language on the computer is certainly very difficult to understand by humans, therefore a high-level language was created for a programmer. Here’s a high level language for Web Programmers.

  1. HTML and CSS

HTML and CSS are the most basic programming languages ​​in website creation. What is HTML and CSS, HTML stands for (Hypertext Markup Language) namely the structural elements in the Website, CSS stands for (Cascanding Stylesheets) namely elements to decorate the structure of the website. Both of them work together to form a website.

  1. Java

Java is a very popular programming language, because it has been developed since 1990. Besides being used to build a website, it is usually used to build desktop applications.

  1. Python

This programming language is very dynamic so it must be learned to become a reliable programmer. Python programming language can be said to be a language that has a simple syntax. Therefore this language is good to learn if you are a beginner.

  1. JavaScript

JavaScript is commonly used to build fonts and websites, but the uses of JavaScript are numerous. This language is also very important to master if you want to follow web programmer certification.

  1. PHP

Many websites that we often encounter use the PHP programming language. Therefore, it is not surprising that this language is very popular among the people, this one language is also recommended to be learned.

What are you waiting for, if you want to become a programmer, you can learn about the programming language that I have described above.