Methods in Java (Here’s the Explanation)


Methods in Java – Java is a programming language used to develop a system from the back-end side. In Java, of course, there are structures, elements, methods and others.

What are methods? In the sense of object-oriented programming methods are procedures associated with messages and objects. Then what is meant by method in java?. Method in java means a function that is in a class. Or we can call it a collection of code grouped to perform a specific task.

The use of methods in OOP is very beneficial. Because by writing a method, we can call it repeatedly without having to write program code again. The use of methods in OOP will certainly make the program code more structured.

What is the Form and Structure of the Method?

Below is an example of how the method looks without a return value

Display method without return value
Display method without return value
  • Modifiers, including access modifiers and non-access modifiers, are optional depending on the nature of the method. Access modifiers include public, privated, protected. Non-access modifiers include static, final, abstract.
  • Return type, this position is filled using the output data type
  • Method name, this structure is used to name the method we created, which we will call later.
  • Parameters, is a structure method that is optional, we can fill in parameters with values ​​that need to be included.

The following is a method display that has a return value:

Example display method
Example display method
  • The above method has an output type which is integer

The above method has four parameters, namely (Number1, Angka2, Angka3, and Angka4). Later this method call must provide arguments for the four parameters.

In the content section, this method performs operations on Angka1, Angka2, Angka3, and Angka4 then the results are stored in the variable results.

  • This method then renders the result as a return value.

So that’s a glimpse of the method and the structure of the method. For those of you who want to work in web development on the back – end then learning java is the right thing. In addition to java, we recommend learning about the php programming language because it is very important for a back-end worker to know. That’s all the information we can convey, hopefully it’s useful.