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vr is (source by methodku.com)
vr is (source by methodku.com)

What is VR? – Lately technology is developing very rapidly. Starting from competing companies launching many new products, to the hot topic lately, namely the metaverse which is likely to be launched soon.

The rapid development of technology brings many advantages for us. We can do everything easily, we can do some work online, which is definitely profitable from several aspects.

We as subjects who consume technology of course we must be able to follow its development. Because if can’t follow changes in technology, then a country or company will be left behind and of course eroded by change era. Talking about technology, of course there are many unique and interesting tools that have been created in this era of technological development. One of them is VR, what is VR? For more information, read the following explanation

So what is VR?

what does vr mean?
what does vr mean?

VR is a technology that is generally used in the game world that provides 3d features and provides a real experience for its users. Even some companies such as game developers maximize the use of VR in their game development.

VR stands for Virtual Reality, which means Virtual Reality. In addition to the application in the game world, it is possible that we can meet and even interact with other users. Or maybe we got a job in VR.

In fact, this VR has been in development since the 1980s. Then, why this technology has only been popular in recent times? This is due to the development of the times that allow someone to get convenience in using this technology. Even glasses or goggles which are used for VR needs are very easy to get, we can buy them in e-commerce or marketplaces.

But as in general, VR has advantages and disadvantages including:

  • The advantages of this technology are many, as mentioned above. Provide benefits in several fields, especially in the world of games, offices and so on.
  • The weakness of this technology is that if the user is used to using VR in their daily life, it will be difficult to distinguish which is the real world and which is not.

That’s a brief discussion about VR, for those of you who want to use this technology, make sure you have considered the positive and negative impacts. That’s all for this discussion, thank you for stopping by