What is PhpMyAdmind? ( Easy to understand )

what is phpmyadmin
what is phpmyadmin

What is PhpMyAdmind? – For those of you who have been in the world of websites or software developers for a long time, you are certainly no stranger to this one website, namely PhpMyAdmind. Knowing PhpMyAdmind is a must for those of you who want to know more about computer technology.

But you don’t need to worry, here I will give a full review of What is PhpMyAdmind?


What is PhpMyAdmind?

PhpMyAdmind specifically handles databases as part of a website. PhpMyAdmind is a web-based application that functions to manage MySQL databases or you can also call it a database tool.

This web-based software will make it easier for you to manipulate MySQL databases without typing commands on the command line. PhpMyAdmind has an easy-to-understand interface with full features. Not only that, PhpMyAdmind also has several functions.

What is the function of PhpMyAdmind?

PhpMyAdmind functions to create, edit, table, delete databases, sort data, and others according to your needs. PhpMyAdmind is a software that has an import facility that you can use to create a database with the .SQL extension. In addition, when you create tables in the database, you also consider primary and foreign keys and their data relations.

After you know the meaning and function of PhpMyAdmind, you should also know what are the advantages of PhpMyAdmind. Some of the advantages of PhpMyAdmind:

  • Consists of various features that you can use to add, copy, delete, or update the database.
  • You can also manage multiple servers
  • Able to perform global search on database
  • It has a user-friendly web-based interface.

Some of the features that exist in PhpMyAdmind:

  1. Web-based interface
  2. Supported many of MySQL features
  3. Import data via CSV and SQL
  4. Import data from various formats

The above is an explanation of PhpMyAdmind, if you want to learn more about the website then you can use PhpMyAdmind. With PhpMyAdmind you can create databases, tables, data entry, and others without memorizing the command line.