What is Java Script? (Learn it… )

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What is Java Script?Java Script can also be known as a programming language that can make your internet work well. Java Script This is also a website that you can use when assigned by your teachers at school or outside of school. Java Script is a lightweight and dynamic programming.

This web can also create buttons, create layouts, and other funny animations. Java Script can also be used as a tool to create online and offline games that are animated in 2D and 3D. Java Script is also very easy to use because its use is almost the same as HTML, CSS, and so on that are still related to programming.

One of these websites has also been using it as a means for us to learn about a web programming. Using Java Script is actually very complex, but flexible.

Features that exist in Java Script.

The features in Java Script are very diverse and varied, such as drag, drag components that are useful for improving the appearance of the interface. And also programmers can also expand but there must be a third party that we can emulate right is Greasemonkey.

java script photo
java script photo

The simplicity of Java Script. They tend to be run through a browser or web that has been prepared by the programmer. Java Script is actually easy for beginners to understand because it is easy to understand.

Output in Java Script is also very useful when we use Java Script. The output in this Java Script is used to see at the end of the work that we have made, so that’s where we can see the output or errors that we have made at the time of execution.

This Java Script has been running for 26 years. First released on December 4, 1995 and is still running today. Even though Java Script often has errors, it is easy for young people to understand today. And there are also various data types in Java Script, namely String, Float, Boolean, Object and many more that you can learn more about. This Java script was invented by Brendan Eich in 1995.

A brief explanation of What is Java Script?. If there are wrong words or in the typing that we have typed, we apologize because everyone is not free from mistakes.