How to Edit Vintage Vsco (Beautify the appearance of your feed)

Edit Analog VSCO (source by
Edit Analog VSCO (source by

How to Edit Vintage in VSCO – Many of us respect the aesthetic function of Instagram feeds, especially among celebrities. Naturally, because it is more neat and pleasing to the eye. In addition, a neat Instagram feed can encourage an increase in followers by up to 25%.

How do you make a neat Instagram feed?

Actually there are many ways, one way you can edit the photo before uploading it on your social media. This is easy to do, especially now that there are many free photo and video editor applications that provide filter features, one of which is VSCO.

Vsco is a photo and video editor that provides a selection of unique and interesting filters. In Vsco, of course, there are many kinds of filters and other unique features. This application is widely used among celebrities, because it is easy to use and offers elegant edits.

How to edit it?

For those of you who want to try tidying up your Instagram feed, but don’t understand how to edit and recommend filters, we recommend analog tones for you to apply to your photos. Analog Tone is a tone that can change the results of your smartphone shots like the results of an analog camera. How to? Check out the following steps..

  1. Make sure you already have Vsco and log in using the account you have.
  2. Import some photos you want to edit
  3. If it has been uploaded then select only one photo, then select the edit option in the lower right corner.
  4. Click on the filter menu, select filter A10
  5. Then switch to the adjust menu and set it according to the following instructions:
  1. If you have, then just save your edits
  2. Here’s the Before – After
    Before edit ( source by ).jpeg
    Before edit ( source by ).jpeg

    After edit (source by
    After edit (source by

Now that your photo is ready to be published on your social media, you can add typographical text if you want to make the impression of the photo more interesting. Good luck..