What are the features of CapCut? ( Very interesting!! )

what are the features on capcut
what are the features on capcut

What are the features of CapCut? – The CapCut application is currently widely used by young people, especially TikTok creators. Here are some of the exciting features found in the CapCut application.

CapCut is an app developed to complement the basic video editing features of TikTok content. This application can be used on Android and iOS phones for free and it is said that the features contained in the CapCut application are quite exciting.

It’s not surprising that this application has been downloaded by more than 100 million people. Well, if you are curious about this application, you must know some of the features in the CapCut application first.

What are the features of CapCut?

here are the features in CapCut;

New Project

You can find this new project feature on the first page when opening the CapCut application in the section edit. This feature is used for those of you who really want to edit videos from scratch. It also includes many interesting tools, and here are some of them ;


edit on capcut
new project capcut

You can use this feature for resize or to shrink the file you want to use. The trick is to move two fingers of your hand to adjust the video size. In it you will also find the Split, Animation and Remove Background features.


audio on capcut
music on capcut

It is clear from the name, that this feature is used to add audio or music to the video. There are several options that you can choose, namely Sounds (it contains popular songs)Effects (contains sound effects such as laughter, clapping, etc.), Extracted (to import songs on videos that are on HP), and Voicecover (to record your own voice).


text on capcut
word on capcut

Can you guess what the function of this feature is for? Yep, this feature is used to add text in the video. The tools in it are quite a lot so you can choose various writing characters, writing shapes, writing backgrounds, colors, etc. there is also a text template feature that can create beautiful animated text.


filter on capcut
capcut effect

This feature will display a variety of filter which you can use in videos. The filters are quite diverse Life, Food, Movies, etc.


adjust on capcut
capcut contrast

This feature is quite interesting because in adjust feature You can adjust the contrast, brightness, color saturation, until there is a video highlight manually.


This feature is found on the second page of CapCut in the Templates section. It’s located right next to the Tab edit. If in tab edit you can edit videos manually starting from zero eating in different template features.

template on capcut
capcut feature

In the template feature, you can search for various popular videos that you want. You can choose any template and then, you enter the video or photo you want to make on the template you have chosen. After that, your video will instantly be finished with effects and audio. This feature is perfect for those of you who don’t want to bother editing videos